Crystal Bay, Beautiful Beach As A Shining Crystal

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Crystal Bay, Beautiful Beach As A Shining Crystal

Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida. [source: bbcom]


   Males Baca?, Klungkung. Crystal Bay is a beach that located in west of Sakti village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung. The place  that usually named as Penida Beach by the common people, in every day always crowded by the visitor. It feels like, not completed if you not visit Crystal Bay during your trip in Nusa Penida. 
As the name, this beach look as a bay. The sand beach usually cover by the water. If there's rise of tide, the sea water will cover all of the beach. The tide usually happen in the morning time. But, in the afternoon, the water usually subsided. So, it's recommended to come to this place in afternoon. And, you can also found a bautiful sunset in there. 
Talking about the legendary name, the name of Crystal Bay come from the beautiful crystally sand. You can see it during your snorkeling activity in this beach. Because of that, the visitor named this place as Crystal Bay. Of course, every single beach-lover will agree with this name. 
There's another unique thing in Crystal Bay, beside the cristally sand and the beautiful sunset, this beach also give you a luxury climbing hill. 
Beside the hill, there'a also Batu Jineng, a big stone that seems like a hill, located in the west of beach. In the top of stone, there's a Hindu temple that usually visited. If you gonna visit this stone hill, you must using a boat. It's not a big problem to rent a boat, because in full length of this beach, there're many boat that you can rent, in case for crossing by the sea or to go to another snorkeling spot. 
Even this place has become famous in past few years, this beach is not very crowded as Kuta Beach but also not really quite. So, that's make this beautiful beach can be deeply enjoyable by all visitors. 
Beside that, the villagers also welcome with the visitors. By kinds of warung and restaurant in the full length of beach, the villagers make this tourist attraction as their job. 
One thing that make this beach good for you is, after you finish playing in the sea water, you don't need to worry about the sticky water all over your body. You can find a spring here. This spring could be your alternative to clean your body. Even, the people also use this spring to take a bath or clean their shirts. 
So, what kind of thing that you gonna do, whether snorkeling, swimming, playing sand, or climb the hill, you can do all of that at Crystal Bay.  [wrt]

Kamis, 15 Desember 2016 | 20:54 WITA

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