Men Unyil's Nasi Sela Taluh Kana

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Men Unyil's Nasi Sela Taluh Kana

DOWNLOAD APP BERITABALI.COM    Males Baca?, Badung. So you're a lover extreme culinary? If you're passing by the area of Mengwi, Badung regency, there's no harm in tasting Nasi Sela (rice and yam) with Taluh Kana (boilde and spiced egg), specialty of Men Unyil. What kind of food is that?

Men Unyil humble yet simple food stall is locatedin the market area of Mengwi. The stall is open from 4 pm until 10 pm.

The typical menu at this eatery is rice mixed with taluh kana. The price is quite cheap and affordable, it costs 8.000 rupiahs for a portion of meal.
In one portion of rice mixed with rice, there are between sela (cassava), jukut bejek (mixed vegetables), there is also Grago (small-light shrimps), peanuts, jukut (vegetables) in Kalas seasoning (milk, meat, base gede) Bongkot chili sauce, and chicken betutu in small cuts.

This menu is special because there served taluh kana (egg), be (meat) and  meri (duckling) in it.
"Taluh kana is our specialty, only sold in the village of Mengwi.  Eggs are obtained from the duck hatcheries, so we use the eggs which not hatched  for food," said Men Unyil.

In addition there are also fried taluh kana, this menu also contains meri or dead ducklings when they  died while their crack isn't opened. these died ducklings are being deep fried before they served.

Although the menu they offer is quite extreme, where 'waste' of duck hatcheries processed into delicious meals, this stall is always full of visitors.
"Always sold out, about 200 servings per day, the buyers mostly are people who live in Mengwi and surrounding areas," he explained.

Taluh kana mixed rice has a distinctive taste Bali. The hygiene is worthy, their service is friendly as well. Though he serves the customers only by himself, all customers receive appropriate turn.

Go Gonk Culinary Adventure recommends: this place is worth a visit as a unique menu variants in Bali.


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Jumat, 26 Juli 2013 | 15:16 WITA

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