UK Visa Application Centre Opens in Bali

Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013 | 21:08 WITA

UK Visa Application Centre Opens in Bali



Beritabali.com, Kuta. A second UK visa application centre has opened in Indonesia, in Bali. Today, British Ambassador Mark Canning joined his Australian and New Zealand counterparts to officially open a new shared visa application centre in Bali. 

The new facility means customers from Bali and surrounding areas, applying for a UK visa, no longer have to travel to Jakarta to lodge their UK Visa application and is in response to continued growth in tourism and business visitor demand.

The initiative is part of the UK’s commitment to enhance the customer experience of applying for a UK visa in Indonesia and follows the introduction of a Priority Visa Service for eligible visitors in 2012 which has proved very popular with customers.

A growing number of Indonesians are choosing to visit, study and do business in the UK.  In 2012 we received over 37,000 visa applications from Indonesians, a 6% increase on 2011 and 27% increase on 2010. The new visa application centre in Bali will help cater for this increase in demand.

“The new Bali visa application centre reflects the increasing strength of the relationship between Indonesia and the UK. We welcome the growing interest from Indonesia in the UK as a destination for travel, business and study, and I am very pleased to open this new visa application centre to help support this growth. The new centre will be a more convenient and accessible service to those in Bali and the surrounding region and will make the start of their journey to the UK an easier one and, I hope that it will lead to an increase in visitors to the UK from the Bali region,” said Mark Canning, British Ambassador.

The new visa application centre is a Five Country Conference (FCC) initiative under an agreement to share a global network of visa application centres and will be run by the UK’s commercial partner in Asia Pacific, VFS Global.

The use of shared visa application facilities with 5CC partners aims to improve services for clients of each country and achieve greater efficiencies through shared infrastructure and staffing. (*)


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Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013 | 21:08 WITA

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