3.000 Free Satays Were Distributed in Buleleng Festival

Kamis, 05 September 2013 | 14:26 WITA

3.000 Free Satays Were Distributed in Buleleng Festival



   Males Baca?, Buleleng. This festival extremely surprised the tourists and the residents. They got 3,000 satays (skrewed-grilled meat)  that were free-distributed at the opening of the first festival in North Bali.

Buleleng Festival opening was held in front of the Statue of Ambara Lion King, Friday (08/23/2013).

Thousands of satays  were grilled by a group of fishermen and members of the Marine Scout Saka Kwarcab Buleleng. Total length of the grill which prepared to them  was 20 meters in length.

Thousands skewer it consists of shrimp satay, satay grouper, snapper satay, and the most exquisite pearl Sepat fish satay.

These sepat fish satays are meat-only taken, it has the richest protein.

Head of Fisheries and Marine Resources (Diskanla) Buleleng Nyoman Sutrisna revealed, grilling mass of fish that are part of the campaign in motion Diskanla Buleleng fish-consuming.

"By this fish-consuming motion, we expect of strong, healthy, and smart generation. Buleleng is especially rich with maritime potential, not just freshwater fishes, but also salt water fishes," said Sutrisna.

Sutrisna added thousands satays were distributed for free to all the people who want to enjoy it.  Fish satay  was given to the people who are willing to queue.

However, thousands of skewers were just there only on the opening day Bulfest.

One of the tourists from the Netherlands, Jack, admitted very pleased to come to the Festival Buleleng, especially when he was eating fish satay.

"My wife came from Lombok, and the satays are much sweeter there, but if here it's more spicy, I like his taste," said Jack.


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Kamis, 05 September 2013 | 14:26 WITA

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