Welcoming The New Year, Suwat People Held "Water War"

Senin, 27 Februari 2017 | 17:00 WITA

Welcoming The New Year, Suwat People Held



Beritabali.com, Gianyar. Hundreds of people in Suwat, Gianyar, Bali, held Siat Yeh or Water War on Sunday (1/1/2017). Siat Yeh is a series of Suwat Water Festival. The festival that entering their second year is dedicated from Suwat indigenous peoples to the water.
"We expect all who participate yeh Siat born with a new spirit, a new man and ready to face the challenges," said Jero Bendesa Suwat, Ngakan Putu Sudibya.
Before the war begin, the people held a praying sesion. They also pray to the Lord Visnu, the god of life that symbolism with water.
"We welcome the new year with renewed vigor. Clean each other. Everyone is clean from inner and outer, material and immaterial world," said Jero Bendesa.
After praying, fragment of dance titled We Amerta displayed beautifully. Etymologically, We mean flow and Amrita means water of life. In Balinese life, water has a very vital function.
Then, people divided into four team that placed according to the direction. As the opening session, Four Kelihan Adat, the head of villagers, throw the water to each other. This simbolysm the war begin. Then, the people take the water using water bailer and throw it. If the bailer's empty, they will take the water again from the bucket. And it's held repeatedly until the water runs out. 
The water is coming from Tukad Melangge Spring, Suwat Village. People take the water from Tukad Melangga a day before and called the procession as mendak tirta. At least 200 jugs carried from this process.  
"In general, the mendak tirta procession is only using one to five jugs, we take more than 200 jugs. It is probably the most jugs that have been used in mendak tirta procession," said Jero Bendesa Suwat, Ngakan Putu Sudibya. [wrt]

Senin, 27 Februari 2017 | 17:00 WITA

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